Land Code: This is OUR Land – We should be in control!

A Land Code would be the basic land law of a First Nation and will replace the land management provisions of the Indian Act. Developing a Land Code means we will have full decision-making authority over our reserve lands. If our members vote in favour of adopting our Code, Ottawa and the Minister of Indigenous Affairs will no longer have a say in how our reserve lands are used and managed.

This is OUR Land — we should be in control!


In the early 1990s, a group of First Nation Chiefs approached the Canadian Government with a proposal that all parts of the Indian Act dealing with the management of their reserve lands and resources were to be removed.

The Canadian Government agreed, and signed a proposal by the Chiefs to transfer control of reserve lands back to their communities. In 1999, legislation was passed called the First Nations Land Management Act, giving First Nations across Canada the option of “opting out” of the Indian Act and transferring jurisdiction and management control of reserve lands back to their communities.

Tahltan Band & Land Code

In 2014, Tahltan Band leadership signed a Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management (FNLM), which allows the Band to opt out of 32 land-related sections of the Indian Act and is the first step in gaining greater control over our reserve land and resources.

Developing a Tahltan Band Land Code would mean we will be able to better manage our reserve lands and natural resources (on reserve) according to our own laws and policies free from the restrictions of the Indian Act.

Tahltan Band leadership is excited to begin working with members to develop our own Land Code — and formally take back control of our reserve lands and resources. In the coming months, the draft Land Code will be developed through community participation

Don’t worry! Once drafted, a Land Code requires community approval through a vote. So not only will members help to develop the Tahltan Band Land Code — they will decide whether or not to accept it.

Land Code Development Process


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