Telegraph Creek Fires – Aug 23 Update

Telegraph Creek Fires - Daily Update photo

Message from our Management Team 

“As Chief Marie Quock said yesterday, our children and grandchildren need to know there’s hope tomorrow and in their futures. This really spoke to me this morning about the importance of staying positive and I hope it brings comfort to those who need it today.” Shana Dennis, Tahltan Band Manager

“The Tahltan response to this disaster is a model of what we, in emergency management, are striving for. There was no distinction between on and off reserve, it was one coordinated response with services provided to all effected out in the Tahltan territory. The Tahltan First Nation and the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine combined their efforts in a shared Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in Dease Lake and continue to work together in this response. A sterling example of how, in times of great need, we can come together and overcome what seems like insurmountable odds.” Robert Mills, Regional Manager, Emergency Management BC

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Key Messages

The EOC is operating in Dease Lake 7 days a week (9-5) staffed by the Tahltan Band, Emergency Management BC and the Regional District of Kitimat/Stikine 250-771-5050. The Telegraph Creek Region is still in a state of emergency and the evacuation order for Telegraph Creek and Glenora is still in effect.

Notes from the August 22nd Community Meeting in Dease Lake can be found HERE.

All evacuees in Dease Lake on Emergency Social Services (ESS) go to the Haven on Friday August 24th to renew their status. Evacuees in Iskut can renew their status at the Iskut Band Office.

The Tanzilla Pub graciously opened rooms for evacuees in Dease that were living in tents. We are very grateful, thank you!

Telegraph Creek Wildfires

“The Hugh Murdoch Incident Management Team has returned to the fire. We thank the outgoing Australian/New Zealand team for their efforts. We experienced significant fire behaviour on Tuesday August 21 throughout the fire complex. This caused the fires within the complex to merge together and we now estimate these merged fires to be 118,000 hectares. A map is being prepared showing the estimated perimeter of the fire. To slow progression toward Glenora at the south end of the fire, a new fireguard is being established north of Glenora between Winter and Dodjatin creeks. Helicopters are bucketing in the area and crews are using direct suppression tactics to reduce fire activity and to slow the spread of the fire. Minimizing growth and structural impacts in this area continues to be a priority. Crews have been able to re-establish the breached guard on the north end of the fire near 70 km on Highway 51.” Heather Rice & Jody Lucius, Fire Information Officers 250-771-3203

A detailed update on the Alkali Lake fire can be found HERE.

Evacuee Housing

The EOC team is working hard to secure temporary housing in Dease Lake for evacuees. More updates will come.

Tahltan Evacuee Services

Dease Lake

People’s Haven – Open 24 hours a day, ESS renewals, health and social support services, donation center, general support for community members and families 250-771-5577.

Samaritans Purse – Meals, social support services, disaster relief/ash sifting 250-771-3056.


Iskut Band Office – Education and Membership Services, ESS renewals 250-234-3331

Iskut Valley Health Services – Health and social support services 250-234-3511.


Northwest Integrative Healthcare Centre – Health and social support services 250-635-0980.

We are working each day to restore regular services for our members (health, cultural, education, social and others). Once we have contact information for these services they will be shared.


Please contact Silvana Ivandic-Quigley at the People’s Haven 250-771-5577.