Community Planning Meeting – Sept 17 & 18


COMMUNITY PLANNING MEETINGS – SEPTEMBER 17 & 18: The Tahltan Band is in the process of developing a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP). A CCP is a road map that will guide the work of Tahltan Council, Band staff and members to shape the future of Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek. Engaging with Tahltan members is THE MOST important part of developing the CCP. To develop the plan, the Tahltan Band needs to know what changes members would like see in our communities.

Two community planning meetings have already been held, one in March and another in May. The March meeting collected feedback on shared values, vision and priorities and the May meeting engaged Tahltan members on their goals for shared spaces, infrastructure and economic development.

The next round of meetings on Sept 17th and 18th will discuss community services and programs.

If you have any question about the Tahltan Band community planning process, please be in touch with Shana Dennis, Tahltan Band Manager,

Hoping to see you on Sept 17th in Dease Lake or Sept 18th in Telegraph Creek!