Emergency Operations Centre – Contact Information

An Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has opened in Dease Lake within the Service BC Centre (Block D, Hwy 37, Dease Lake, BC V0C 1L0). The EOC is being staffed by members of the Tahltan Band and Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine.

This centre will be active during this emergency event, right through into recovery, to coordinate efforts within the community and with outside agencies.

The People’s Haven (250-771-5577)  and other emergency social service agencies will continue to provide help to evacuees, while the EOC coordinates efforts to move the community into long-term recovery.

We are currently in a state of emergency, so the EOC hours are 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The main contact number for the EOC is 250-771-5050. 

Specific EOC and Tahltan Band staff members and their contact information can be found below.

Title Name Email Phone # Location
Health Lead Nancy Quock Nancy.quock@tahltan.ca 250-771-5577 Peoples Haven (DL)
Social (ESS)/Post Office Info Kim Rowe Kim.rowe@tahltan.ca 250-771-5577 Peoples Haven (DL)
Social Assistance Rocky Jackson Richard.jackson@tahltan.ca 250-771-5577 Peoples Haven (DL)
Patient Travel Darla Creyke Darla.creyke@tahltan.ca 250-771-5577 Peoples Haven (DL)
Justice/Safehouse Manager Melva Quock Melva.quock@tahltan.ca 250-771-5577 Peoples Haven (DL)
Tahltan Band Manager Shana Dennis Tbc.mgr@tahltan.ca 250-771-5056 EOC (DL)
Health &

Social Leads

Treena Marion

Annita McPhee



604-754-7220 Terrace
Finance Tracy Woods-Dennis Tracy.woods@tahltan.ca 250-771-5057 EOC (DL)
Payroll Connie Quash Human.resources@tahltan.ca 250-771-5057 EOC (DL)
Education /Membership Isabel Reid Isabel.reid@tahltan.ca 250-234-3331 Iskut Band Office
Tahltan Fisheries Kerry Carlick Kerry.carlick@tahltan.ca 250-641-3484 Terrace
Economic Development/

EOC Director

Feddie Louie ec.dev@tahltan.ca


250-771-5053 EOC (DL)
Operations & Maintenance Manager Dwayne Etzerza Dwayne.etzerza@tahltan.ca 250-771-5050 EOC (DL)
EOC Communications Lead/Information Officer Torrye McKenzie Communications1@tahltan.ca 250-991-9424 Vancouver
Housing Teneal Nole Teneal.nole@tahltan.ca 250-771-5050 EOC (DL)