Expression of Interest for TBDC Housing Authority Society Board members:

Tahltan Band Development Corporation is in the process of setting up a Housing Authority Society for on and off reserve. This Authority will be a stand-alone organization and will not be connected to any political organization or business.

”IF HA manages Band-owned housing, it will be through a management contract.”(TBD)
This Authority will be governed by its’ own Constitution and By-laws, Provincial Tenancy Act, CMHC regulations, BC Housing Policies and Guidelines, INAC policies and regulations. Tenant selections and management will be done in accordance with the Housing Authority Board policies.

This Housing Authority will secure, manage and develop affordable housing for members in the Dease Lake and telegraph Creek area, on and off reserve.

The Housing Authority Board will consist of 5 members, they are as follows:

  • Tahltan Band Manager
  • 2 members to represent the Telegraph Creek area (all the reserves in TC)
  • 2 members to represent the Dease Lake area (IR # 9 and town of Dease Lake)

Tahltan Band Development Corporation board will be the selection committee for the Housing Authority and make the final decision on board appointments.

The criteria for potential board members is they should:
1. Reside, full-time in the area they want to represent
2. Not have any outstanding rental arrears or housing debt
3. Not be employed with Tahltan Band Development Corporation, any of its’ businesses
4. Not be a current member of TBDC board.
5. Be willing to attend training and/or possess knowledge in real estate, financial management, communications and administration is an asset. Other skills will be considered if these specific skills cannot be found.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Feddie Louie or Teneal Nole

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