Galore Creek Mining Corporation Bursary Award Winners

GCMC offers a bursary award program for Tahltan members pursuing post-secondary education in Canada. A call for applications is issued in August and bursary awards are granted on October 18th in conjunction with Tahltan Day.

Congratulations to the Academic Bursary Winners!

1st Place: Nathan Skubovius
2nd place: Gayleen Day
3rd place: Kiana Ball
4th place: Jamie Davignon
5th place: Cassie Jakesta

Congratulations to allĀ Non-academic Bursary Winners!

1st place: Nathan Nole
2nd place: Delaney Nole
3rd place: Shanna Creyke
4th place: Laurin Sutherland
5th place: Teneal Nole