Tahltan Band demands transport permits for mining-related movements

TORONTO (miningweekly.com) – The Tahltan Band Council last week introduced new rules for permission to use the only road into the Tahltan community of Telegraph Creek, in British Columbia, after a series of close calls and mishaps on the road.

The Band reported that at the end of July, a low-bed truck slipped off the road at 10 Mile, which proved to “be the last straw”.

A new Band Council resolution passed on August 1 stated: “The Tahltan Band Council will no longer permit the transport of industrial machinery for mining related purposes including but not limited to rock trucks, excavators, cats and low beds.”

The resolution applied to Tahltan reserves Numbers 1, 6, 6A, 8 and 12. It required that anyone transporting these materials must be able to show written consent on demand.

Anyone looking to obtain a permit should contact the Tahltan Band Council office.

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