Telegraph Creek Re-Entry – December 14th Update

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Housing Updates

A total of 34 houses have been cleaned and are ready for re-entry. Air quality tests are coming back next week for the remaining homes.

Modular homes are complete. The housing department will be giving out keys this week.

All homes will be ready for occupation no later than December 21st. Case Workers will contact members when their homes are ready. If you have not heard from your Case Worker, please call the EOC.

Homeowners who have decided to get new freezers will be receiving them this week.

All construction crews will be out of Telegraph Creek by December 19th.

Furniture Delivery, Transportation and Move-in Dates

A Bandstra account has been created for home owners to have their furniture delivered to Telegraph Creek. We ask that you organize your furniture delivery with your move-in date as storage space is limited. There are people in the community who can assist with moving furniture. Please contact the EOC for account details 250-771-5050.

Please contact your Case Worker if you are looking for transportation support to return to Telegraph Creek or temporary housing.

We understand that people with later move-in dates may find it difficult to get their homes ready for Christmas. The Tahltan Band is willing to help find solutions for these individuals. Please call the EOC at 250-771-5050 or your Case Worker to talk through alternative arrangements.

What to Expect When Returning Home

Members should prepare themselves before entering their homes. Due to smoke damage, most fridges and couches will need to be replaced. All personal belongings have been cleaned and put into boxes, which will need to be unpacked. If anyone needs more information, please be in touch with your Case Workers.

Telegraph Creek Service Updates

Firewood has been cut and distributed to members in the community.

Health Services have been re-established in the community. Nurses are moving back to Telegraph Creek and the clinic is open.

The RCMP is back in community.

Gas and basic supplies are currently available at the Store. Efforts will be made to do a full re-stock in January.

Children will be able to return to school in Telegraph Creek starting in January.

If anyone is charged for phone (Northwestel) or power (BC Hydro) services before your move back date, be sure to call the companies so your billing can be adjusted.

The Tahltan Band Council will continue to operate out of the Emergency Operations Centres (EOC) in Dease Lake. Once the band office in Telegraph Creek has been cleaned and re-stored, we move our operations back into the community.

Emergency Social Services (ESS)

As of December 21st, Emergency Social Services (ESS) will end for everyone, including members who have decided to not return to Telegraph Creek or move into temporary housing. If you need further assistance, please be in contact with your Case Worker.

We would like thank all the volunteers that have been providing our members with ESS over the past 5 months. From our knowledge, this has been one of the longest ESS deliveries in BC.

“We are very thankful for all the folks who have been working tireless in the back ground to make re-entry possible. The support we have received allowed us to provide the attention and resources required to turn the largest wildfire devastation in Canadian history into the fastest recovery. Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season.” Chief Rick McLean, Tahltan Band Council

The Tahltan EOC will be closed from Christmas break, starting December 22 and re-opening January 7. Emergency numbers will be posted next week.

All other information and updates from the Tahltan EOC will be published on the Tahltan Band Council website on the Telegraph Creek Wildfire page (