Tahltan Meagan Stewart Selected to be a Ch’nook Scholar

imagesTahltan member Meagan Stewart was recently chosen to be a Ch’nook Scholar this year. Meagan who is a student at Vancouver Island University is one of only 30 students chosen for this honour from institutions across BC and Alberta.

Ch’nook derives its name from the Chinook trading jargon or wawa which evolved into a common language for exchange or makúk used by Aboriginal peoples of different cultures and by non-Aboriginal traders. Drawing on the spirit of this trading jargon, Ch’nook promotes and supports Aboriginal participation in business, management and entrepreneurship studies to contribute to creating a sustainable and self-sufficient economic future for Aboriginal communities in British Columbia and across Canada.

As Grand Chief Ed John, Chair of Ch’nook’s Advisory Board notes “focusing on economic development by itself does not pave the road to self-reliance. However, when economic development is combined with strong business education, then we have the equation that equals Aboriginal success.”

Congratulations Meagan – we are all proud of you!

For more information about the Ch’nook Program, you can visit them at this link:http://www.chnook.org/