Thank You to Tuya Construction Services

We want to put out our most sincere thanks to our Tahltan contractor, Tuya Construction Services — Randy Merkel and Crew (pictured below). Special mention to Justin Tizya (not pictured) who worked with us for 5 months, but had to return to his regular job with the Yukon Government Highway crew in April 2014.

Tuya Construction Services, from Whitehorse, were hired in December 2013 to help with the following projects: The Tahltan Centre, Tahltan Riversong, Elders Six-Plex, Repair two duplexes and one house renovation.

Also, thank you to our local Tahltan workforce who assisted with all of our projects: Wayne Quash, Henry Hawkins, Dicky Reid, Lester Dennis, Gilbert Tahsoots Jr. and Quentin Reid. Also, thank you to our managers Avan Tashoots and Hazel Sharko.

Future planned projects for Tuya Construction Services include constructing a new stage for the Tahltan Music Festival and complete the painting and repairs of five apartments in the Elder’s Six-Plex.