Tahltan Band Honoured to Host World Premiere of “KONELĪNE: our land beautiful” documentary

Tahltan Band Council

Tahltan Band Honoured to Host World Premiere of 

“KONELĪNE: our land beautiful” documentary


February 1, 2016, Telegraph Creek— The territory that is at the heart of a spectacular new documentary, KONELĪNE: our land beautiful, is host to the world premiere of the 96 minute film.

“It was delightful to bear witness to how our community members stepped forward to share about our love of our traditional lands and our culture,” stated Chief Terri Brown, Tahltan Band Council. “They were happy to collaborate with documentary filmmaker Nettie Wild and appreciated how she took the time (three summers and one winter) to connect with them and the place they call home. We are touched that she is inviting us to be the very first to see the film.”

“When the Available Light Film Festival in Whitehorse asked for the world premiere screening of our film, KONELĪNE:  our land beautiful, we insisted that three communities see it first – Telegraph Creek, Iskut and Dease Lake, stated Nettie. “The people of the northwest, most particularly the Tahltan, deserve the real world premiere because they were the ones who allowed our camera into their extraordinary lives. This northern tour through Tahltan Territory of KONELĪNE is my way of bringing these images and stories home. It’s an honour and a privilege.“


World Premiere Dates and Locations:

  • TELEGRAPH CREEK Rec Centre: 7pm, Tuesday February 2
  • DEASE LAKE Community Hall: 7pm, Wednesday Feb 3
  • ISKUT Rec Centre: 7pm, Thursday Feb 4


Admission is free. Director Nettie Wild in attendance at each showing.

The documentary will then travel to Whitehorse to be the opening gala film for the Available Light Film Festival on Sunday Feb 7 (6:45pm).



Media Contact for Tahltan Band Council

Racelle Kooy

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Media Contact for Canada Wild Productions

Betsy Carson, Producer

Tel: 604 251 0770 carson[at]smartt.com


Photos and video on request.