Shawn Ducharme and Treena Quock: Indiegogo for Heart Surgery

Shawn’s wife needs open heart surgery, can you help us help him?

Please donate to help Shawn Ducharme and Treena Quock

On December 6, 2014 Shawn Ducharme and Treena Quock became the proud parents of Bryce, a healthy baby boy.  Treena had a healthy pregnancy and had no medical issues prior to baby Bryce’s birth.

On December 15th Treena was rushed from Iskut, BC to Terrace, BC by ambulance.  She spent 8 days there and was diagnosed with heart failure.  After she was stabilized she was sent to St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver by air ambulance on Christmas Eve.  Treena has been there ever since with Doctors trying to remedy her heart failure with medication, however, it is not helping as much as they had hoped.

Treena may be having open heart surgery in the near future to implant a mechanical pump in her heart.

Understandably, Shawn is not able to work at this time, and has made 2 trips to Vancouver, BC from Iskut, BC, a distance of 1667km or 1036miles one way.  Shawn and Treena have 3 children including her newborn.  Shawn is taking care of their family in Iskut, BC, while Treena is in Vancouver fighting for her life.

Please help us help Shawn and Treena by donating much needed funds to assist with their day to day living expenses and their travel costs.

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