Telegraph Creek Wildfire Recovery

Telegraph Creek Fires - photo 2 - Trina Anne Gleason

“Tahltan Strong is the slogan used, but this action of hope is much more than that, it is nations united. So many people from so many walks of life have come together. It is so overwhelming to know that they are here to help, from bake sales to hampers to flats of water. This is what life and love is about. Holding each other up when we are at our weakest, no matter who we are we can’t forget who is there. Let us always remember the stranger that walked into our offices saying I’m here to help”

Sonnia Dennis, A Letter from Tahltan 


The Tahltan EOC would like to give a sincere thank you and round of applause to the long list of individuals who made the re-entry into Telegraph Creek possible. The work and energy that was required to respond to this type of emergency took a toll on the mind, body and spirit and these sacrifices did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

A special thanks to everyone who turned a statistic of the worst structural damage by wildfires experienced by any First Nations community in Canadian history into a story of resilience. In the face of this tragedy, remarkable leadership and collaboration shined a light on the power of the Tahltan Nation. Telegraph Creek may never look the same, but our members and leadership have risen from the ash with a new found strength and determination to “build it better”.

As of January 19th, we moved into the recovery stage of the wildfire response. This means that the Tahltan Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) closed its doors in Dease Lake and staff returned to their positions within the Band.

Tahltan Band Council staff and council will be actively involved throughout the recovery stage. Derek Ingram, EOC Planning Lead, has been hired as the Recovery Manager and will be leading the Wildfire Recovery process. The Recovery Manager is a shared position, between RDKS and the Tahltan Band. Derek will oversee and coordinate the development of community, environment and economic recovery planning. Trina-Anne Zubek will act as the Deputy Recovery Manager.

Wildfire Recovery Newsletters 

Updates on the Telegraph Creek Wildfire Recovery process are being communicated through bi-weekly newsletters. Please see Wildfire Recovery Newsletters that have been published to date below:

Telegraph Creek Wildfire Response Archive 

Re-Entry into Telegraph Creek 

Evacuees were able to return to Telegraph Creek at the beginning of November 15th , with all members returning home in time for Christmas.

Emergency Social Services (ESS)

As of December 21st, Emergency Social Services (ESS) ended for everyone, including members who decided to not return to Telegraph Creek or move into temporary housing. If you need further assistance, please be in contact with your Case Worker.

We are very thankful for all the volunteers that have been providing ESS over the past 5 months. From our knowledge, this has been one of the longest ESS delivery in BC.

Temporary Housing in Telegraph Creek

The 8 new modular homes were installed on November 29th.

All construction crews were out of Telegraph Creek by December 19th.

Services in Telegraph Creek 

Fuel and food is now available at the store.

Health services will be available to community members through FNHA.

The TC Post Office re-opened in the Tahltan Store on January 21st.

Telegraph Creek Safety Assessments

Technical assessments (water, slope stability, septic system and danger trees) in Telegraph Creek were completed on September 6th.

  • The do not consumer water order has been lifted. The system has been scrubbed and sterilized and deemed potable.
  • Initial slope assessments have come back as low risk but will continue to be monitored.
  • Septic fields have been repaired and tanks are being flushed and emptied.
  • Debris removal and community cleanup started Monday, September 24th.
  • Danger tree removal in Telegraph Creek has been completed. All usable wood has been decked on the side of the road – ready to be hauled, bucked and split for firewood.
  • Northwestel has repaired all telecommunication systems

Further details on hazard and safety assessments along with progress on temporary housing can be found in the updates below:

EOC August 22nd update 

EOC August 23rd update

EOC  August 25th update 

EOC September 11th update

EOC September 21st update 

EOC September 27th update 

EOC November 15th update

EOC December 14th update

EOC January 15th update

Community Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

Dates and times for upcoming community meetings will be released when the information becomes available.

Past Meetings

Terrace, August 30th

Dease Lake, August 28th – Meeting Minutes

Iskut, August 27th

Dease Lake, August 24th – Meeting Minutes

Dease Lake, August 22nd – Meeting Minutes

Dease Lake, August 20th – Meeting Minutes 

Terrace, August 20th

Dease Lake, August 18th  – Meeting Minutes


Those interested in donating to support the recovery of Telegraph Creek please contact Calvin Carlick, Executive Director, Tahltan Central Government. Email: Phone: (250)-771-3274

The Tahltan Nation and all its governing bodies and communities are extremely grateful for the international and local firefighting efforts, volunteers, ongoing support and all the donations over the course of this devastating event.

An unmet needs committee has been formed to review the current needs that exist within the community of Telegraph Creek. Donated funds have yet to be spent and will be allocated based on the committees review.

Alkali Lake Wildfire – Last Update August 29th 

8262018_110334_18 R91947 MAP Public 11x17L 20180824- Aug 24 Map



This is the final burn area of the ‘Alkali Lake’ fire; no further updates will be posted. If you require further updates on this fire, please contact the Northwest fire centre.



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