TNDC Board of Directors – Requests for Expressions of Interest

The shareholders have asked that TNDC coordinate gathering Expressions of Interest for the TNDC board. The shareholders intend to hold a Shareholders Meeting before the middle of August to appoint three vacancies on the TNDC board.

This request is for Tahltan members who may be interested in serving on the TNDC board to submit an EOI. The following summarizes the appointment procedure and some of the factors that will be considered.

  • Please submit your EOI by 4:00 pm on August 15, 2016. Only those who submit an EOI will be considered.
  • The shareholders make the final decision on TNDC board appointments.
  • All TNDC board members are of Tahltan ancestry.
  • TNDC board members generally do not include individuals are elected or appointed to a Tahltan political body.
  • Directors serve a 2 year term and may be reappointed for additional terms at the discretion of the shareholders.
  • The TNDC board requires a specific skills mix and is currently looking for professional level corporate law, financial management and communications. Other skills will be considered if these specific skills cannot be found.

If you are interested please send your EOI to Garry Merkel, TNDC CEO at Please fill out the attached form – which can be downloaded HERE – and include any other information you feel necessary.

Feel free to contact Garry Merkel, TNDC CEO if you have any further questions at or 250-427-0460.